Monday, May 2, 2011

Just Reflection from Me.

Let us ponder ....

Young, gave up looking for treasure health.
Old, looking for treasure sacrificed health

Because the wealth, the stranger became like brothers
Because the property, you become like a stranger

The rich can buy delicious bed,
but can not sleep well (stress ... hiks)
Poor people can not buy a nice bed,
but can sleep well (because so tired porters ...)

The rich have money for spree-loving,
but do not have time
Poor people have time for spree-loving,
but do not have money

Young want to be rich let nikmatin property
Already rich do not have time for nikmatin property
Once have time for nikmatin property
Parents do not already have power trigger

Want .. run to live like that?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Motivation Life by Me.

7XHVQYFU29WUOn the difficulty of life in Jakarta when I daydream and in reverie was suddenly someone whispered into my subconscious ear and he said:

"Hhhm,. If we look to see life is sometimes annoying,. sometimes be a real headache and also sometimes disappointing liver?

  But Overall it could turn into the best in this life if we want to see there are still people who love and attention we sincerely around us such as: Parents, Friend, relative, boyfriend or girlfriend realize that without us they pray for and support the struggle us in this life ..

So .. Let it means the power to spur the soul to a better life ..

Prayer, Business, Integrity and Passion (spirit) to win is a powerful weapon to deal with this crazy world who increasingly to achieve future success .. Upon failure, humiliation and disappointment toward you ... Come near to God and Stare at the people who still love you (family , sweetheart, etc.) to be motivated when weak ..

So ... Do not say can not to this world .. Because GOD never sleeps to hear, see and feel the struggle of his servants to live in His will .. For We are special beings ..

Then I woke up in my daydream it, .. and like any new strength in my soul to continue a journey ...

The Importance of A Vigilance ..

When the lecture, A friend gave me a tragic article in the newspaper that the story thus:

"There was a young man name the initials" S "which has long been unemployed and being helped (given a job / wages to paint the house) by the neighbor However the she is not grateful, in fact, evil thoughts crossed the minds of" S ","If he could fix the house means being a lot of money nich! "Then he killed the whole household (husband, wife and 3 son) and his body was put into a hole in the backyard and on cemented .."

After I read the article which touched the heart of it, my buddy looked sharply towards me as he said;

"Maybe at one time we the bad guys off guard and took the opportunity and take advantage of it, Stay ALERT, buddy !!.."

I froze and flashed in my mind the old adage "The milk rewarded with water tubes and heat is removed by rain one day a year ..." ..
may be a reflection for all of us .. (Homo homini lupus) ..

Rotten hate.

A Mother's kindergarten teacher (kindergarten) held a "game".

The teacher asked each student to bring a transparent plastic bag of fruit and potatoes.

Each potato was given the name based on names of people who hated, so that the amount of potatoes is not specified how much ... depending on the number of people who are hated.

On the agreed day each student took the potatoes in a plastic bag. There are a number 2, there are 3 even have a 5.

As their teacher's command of each potato is named after the name of the person hated.

The students should bring a plastic bag containing the potatoes wherever they go, even to the toilet though, for 1 week.

Day by day, the potatoes began to rot, the students began to complain, let alone that brought 5 pieces of potato, in addition to heavy smell too bad.

After 1 week of kindergarten students are relieved that their ordeal will end soon.

Mother Teacher: "How does it feel to bring the potatoes for 1 week?"

Get out of complaints from kindergarten students, in general they do not feel comfortable to bring these rotten potatoes wherever they go.

The teacher also explained what the meaning of "game" that they lakukan.Ibu Teacher: "Such was the hatred which we always carry if we can not forgive others.

It was very unpleasant to bring potato rot wherever we go.

That's only 1 week. What if we bring a lifetime of hatred? It would be uncomfortable

God Speaking without us knowing it ..

A man whispered, "God, speak to me."

And finch was singing.
But, man is not listening.

So, man is shouting, "God, talk to me!"
Thunder and lightning and thunder too.
But Man is not listening.

Man, look around and say,
"Lord, let me see you."
And a star shone brightly.
But, man did not see it.

And, man shouted again, "Lord, show me a miracle!" Mu "
And a baby was born.
But, man is not aware of it.

So, he called again in desperation, "Jamahlah me, Lord!"
And soon, God had come down and grab him.
But, man is even expel butterfly and kept walking.

How this is all actually reminds us
that God is always present around us in the form
simple and small that we often assume then, even in this electronic era ...
therefore I would like to add one more:

Man cried, "Lord, I need your help!"
And there came an e-mail with good news and strengthen.

However, he would remove them and keep complaining ....

The good news is that you still loved by someone else!

Let us not cast away a gift, by grace alone is not packaged in the form desired and understood by our

Reflection of the Carrot, Egg and Coffee ..

A child complained to her father about her life and ask why life is so hard for her. He does not know how to deal with it and almost gave up. He was tired to fight. It seems every time one problem is completed, new problems arise.
His father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and put it on fire. Soon the pots came to boil. He put carrots in the pan first, second and eggs in a pot he placed ground coffee beans last. He let it boil without saying a word. The child is silent and waited impatiently, wondering what he was doing his father. After 20 minutes she turned off the fire. He fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl, lift the egg and put it in another bowl, and pour the coffee in a bowl.
Then he asked his son, "What you see, son?" "Carrots, eggs, and coffee," replied the boy. Her father brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and noted that they were soft. Her father then asked him to take an egg and break it. After removing the skin, he found a boiled egg is hardened. Finally, her father asked her to sip the coffee. He smiled when tasting coffee with a rich aroma.
After that, the boy asked, "What does it mean, Dad?" He explained that each had faced the same adversity, boiling water, but each reacted differently.Boiled carrots before a strong, hard and difficult to be broken. But after boiling, carrots become soft and tender.
Egg had been fragile. Thin outer shell had protected its liquid. But after the boiling water, its inside became hardened.Coffee powder changes to a unique experience. Once in boiling water, they changed the water. "You are including which ones?," Asked her father. "When difficulties come to you, how do you cope? Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee? "
How about you? Am I the carrot that seems hard, but with the existence of suffering and trouble, you give up, become soft and lose your strength.
Am I the egg that starts with a malleable heart? With a dynamic spirit, but after a death, heartbreak, divorce or dismissal becomes hard and rigid. From the outside looks the same, but if you become bitter and tough with a stiff spirit and heart?
Or are you like the coffee bean? Coffee powder changes the hot water, something that causes pain, to reach it's maximum at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. When the water reaches the temperature of the hottest, coffee was more enjoyable. If you like the coffee bean, when things get worse, you will become better and make things around you are also improving..

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Secret Motivation that Motivates You to Get Rich by Tony Papajohn.

What becomes possible when you discover that there is a person inside you for whom getting rich is no big deal? If you could talk to this person, what do you suppose you would learn about his or her motivation?
Suppose this person is the ultra-successful version of you and is totally at ease with the though of getting rich. In fact, this person finds getting rich "old hat." What do you suppose will motivate you when you have succeeded in a big way and banked a pile of money?
Imagine that you are this ultra-successful person in a future moment. Suppose you are looking back on this time in your life when you have yet to achieve the success of which you are capable.
Think about this ultra-successful person. Do you suppose he or she is motivated by even more money and an even larger net worth?
This may be so. However, it not as likely as you might guess.
Why? This person met his or her financial needs a long time ago. And yet, he or she is probably still active in the business in which he or she made a fortune. In fact, this person is probably still seeking opportunity and still making bundles of money.
Here is why this is almost certainly the case. The ultra-successful version of you is in touch with a powerful reason besides the money.
Here is a principle of seeking your fortune: The reason that gets you started on the road to success is not the reason that sustains you in the long-term.
This means that once you make a certain amount of money, the money ceases to be the same big deal it once was. This is not to say that it is meaningless!
However, suppose you currently feel pressed about money and beset with money worries. What happens when you enjoy a huge success and make the biggest pile of money that you have ever made in your life?
Would you not happily and permanently put that feeling of being pressed behind you? In a future moment, money may still motivate you. However, it will not have the same urgency that it once had.
And that is the point. The person you want to become that makes you rich is in touch with a powerful reason besides the money.
Why? The reason that gets you started on the road to success is not the reason that sustains you in the long-term. In other words, the person that you want to become that makes you rich is motivated by the challenge of making money, a sense of accomplishment, and the experience of making something out of nothing.
This person might be totally fascinated with the business activity itself or resonate with some other reason besides the sheer amount of money.
Of course, this is not to say that the money is no longer meaningful! It is to say that one can find powerful motivation besides it. So ask yourself "What motivates me at this point in my career and what is important as I go through my day?"
And imagine that you see the world differently through the eyes of the person you are becoming that is already ultra-successful. As you discover the reason besides the money, you get in touch with the person you want to become that makes you rich. And you will indeed get rich.
So think in terms of your powerful reason besides the money. Before long, you will have all the money you want.